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Our solution comprises a Business Glossary of Terms relevant to Payers, Providers, CRO’s and Pharma companies.

Provenance – Data authors, processor & successor documents, pathway that data took
Security & Privacy – Referenced in Privacy & Security Rules
Exchange - Low level automated processing (push and pull) of data - document unique ID, location, size, mime types, and document format.
Object Lifecycle – describe the current lifecycle state of the data including relationships to other data - created, published, replaced, transformed, deprecated


Our Social Media crawlers for Facebook and Twitter capture Patient Healthcare experience by collecting, processing, ranking and bucketing the opinions, reviews & comments posted on various related topics such as communication with doctors & nurses, the responsiveness of hospital staff, etc. into Positive, Neutral and Negative. Providers use it to measure Staff Performance, identify gaps and areas of improvement, motivate Staff through incentives etc.

In the context of medicinal products and devices, sentiments can be referred to an adverse event experience leveraging our Adverse Events Database as well as a positive treatment outcome.


Managing populations of health and creating better patient outcomes at optimized cost and lesser risk by collecting and managing the following datasets

True Patient-reported outcomes data, rather than proxies for care
Social determinants of health data, behavioral health solutions
Patient and member risk stratification, enrollment in risk-based plans
Care communication management among members of a patient’s care team
Activity-based costing data for accurate management of financial margins in per-capita reimbursement - PMPM bundled payment contracts thus     understand cost at a granular, individual level instead of guessing at costs by looking at average cost of overall patients or members


Access a single, trusted list of physicians, providers and healthcare services practitioners in your enterprise on-demand.

Exafluence’s Vitality Provider Master helps healthcare organizations create a single view of their provider data to:

Comply with the demands of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by eliminating data inconsistencies across systems
Comply with the stringent demands of HIPAA by way of data-in-motion and data-at-rest encryption and decryption.
Improve data integrity using automated scripts for de-duplication and standardization
Stem referral and billing leakages using relationship analytics
Enrich patient-health record information by integrating with our Exf Vitality EMPI solution

Our solution is designed to make provider information easier to manage, analyze, and put to use in the enterprise. Exf Vitality Provider Master is available on-premise and as a cloud-based solution.

Exf Vitality EMPI

A single, comprehensive, global view of patient health information for efficient and accurate provisioning of healthcare

An accurate matching of patient demographic data with their health records is essential to maintaining consistent and accurate information on treated and managed patients. A specialized master of patient-health record defines the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and involves ingestion of multiple records of (same or multiple) patients, curation involving identity matching algorithms and analytics, and provisioning of data using SID or other attributes.

Exafluence’s EMPI solution – provided as a standalone service or as a part of its comprehensive Exf Health 360 offering – is in compliance with the stringent HIPAA requirements, and is available on-premise or in a hosted/cloud-based mode.

The key features of Exf Vitality EMPI include:

De-Duplication and Standardization System
HL7 Compliant Integration Model
Data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption and decryption
Search features for matched patient records by SID and other demographic attributes
Intuitive User Interfaces that are easily customizable to client needs


Our Analytics platform for the Healthcare Industry comprising Portal Engagement, EMPI, OMAP, Patient Blocks, Claim Blocks etc.

Provider Registry – MDM for Providers and Payers
Relation Registry – Care coordination between Providers
Master Patient Index (MPI) – Comprehensive Record of Care for Providers and Payers
Operations Health – Set of Operational reports on Claims, Regulatory, Health, Social Media - for Providers and Payers
Health Analytics Reporting - For System Integrators addressing Healthcare clients
Clinical Trial Data – for CROs needing AI for augmenting and aiding data for patient recruitment, site readiness, principal investigator access etc.
Clinicals Trial Management - Blockchain for Clinical Trials Data to allow multiple stakeholders to transact and bind into digital contracts to ensure inviolability     and historicity of clinical trial data, thereby safeguarding data integrity for analysis and studies
IOT data – for Healthcare and Fitness Device Manufacturers
Adverse Events Database – for Pharma and Payers




Exafluence extensively leverages various Alteryx components to provide data driven analytics to the Healthcare Providers, Payers, CROs and Pharma Companies.

Alteryx Designer to decode the health and hygiene of data with Visualytics, ‘in-line data profiling’, to help analysts discern missing values, outliers, anomalies in clinical, business and operational data for predictive, prescriptive and spatial analysis. Designer helps ingest, wrangle and perform exploratory analysis on data from multiple, typically disconnected, diverse sources.

Alteryx Server to scale, automate, share and govern workflows, macros and reports, ensuring compliance with myriad healthcare regulatory requirements. Sever aggregates information into a standardized format, perform easy-merge and de-duplication to present a single version of truth and a unified view of the customer.

Alteryx Promote to deploy, manage and monitor production based predictive and machine learning models, real-time or in-batch, on-premises or in the cloud to optimize operations and client services, track and optimize client insurance costs, assess cost of service and quality by providers based on local population needs, evaluate partner performance etc. We cover the entire lifecycle of Data across Behavioral Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Classification, Image Recognition, Anomaly Deduction, Matching, Auto Cleaning, Duplicate Records, Sentiment Analysis, Rules Engine, Speech to Text Cognitive Search, NLI and NLG.

We provide ‘Data Quality as a Service’ a Managed-services offering inclusive of Term Licenses, a Serverless Architecture, flexibility to scale up & down and a 24/7 Support Model.

Our EXF Customer 360 platform uses ML Predictive Library of ensembles that are integrated in Alteryx macros, also available as Rest APIs.


Exafluence’s Healthcare 360, Provider Registry and EMPI records are built using MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Spark and MongoDB Stitch.

360-Degree Patient View Our healthcare 360 platform, built on MongoDB, aggregates structured and unstructured patient, doctor and procedure data in a single data store enabling healthcare professionals to access the right information at the right time.

Lab Data Management and Analytics We leverage MongoDB’s flexible data model to enable providers of lab testing, genomics and clinical pathology; ingest, store and analyze a variety of data types from numerous sources all in a single data store. It enables infrastructure and license cost savings, real-time analytics and visualizations as well as new revenue streams through innovative applications built on MongoDB.

Our EXF Visual Tool showcases MongoDB metadata in Neo4j graphDB to understand the relationships in a visual representation.

Our ETLs are built on MongoDB spark connectors and deployed on Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP as well as other distribution frameworks like Horton, Cloudera, MAP R and Databricks.

We have enhanced security for Mongo DB connection to encrypt and decrypt data on the fly leveraging our API's built with partner solution framework.

Our EXF Rhythm framework moves an existing MongoDB application to Mongo Cloud using step by step migration process to deploy to production.


Why are Analytics COEs so important for managing data initiatives these days

Posted By : Pallav Mishra, Principal Consultant

It is an accomplished fact today. Data analysis and preparation is as important – if not more – as building sophisticated models. It is also understood that the customer is spoilt for choice today – far more than ever. While Customer Centricity seems to be the byword for every major Digital Transformation initiative, there is little realization that organizations today have a very fragmented technology landscape – in most scenarios, a spanking new, state-of-the-art Big Data implementation could be sitting with myriad other data hubs and solutions it was expected to replace


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