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Want to maximize your revenue and close care gap?
Join us to learn how to achieve your financial and medical loss ratio goals by using industry leading algorithms to identify codes that need to be addressed
Exafluence is proud to present a webinar on "Revenue Cycle Mangement"
Ravikiran Dharmavaram

CEO, Exafluence

Mital Panara

Chairman, Exf Digital

Christopher J. O’Connor

CEO, Exf Digital

Dr. Dennis Mihale

Medical Advisor, Exf Digital

Exafluence is one of the top 20 players in the Healthcare sector, Our unique Health care Platform gets recognition
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Our suite of offerings solves healthcare organization's problems leveraging advanced technological tools like Big Data, Data Analytics, Block chain, Cloud computing and our team of domain experts.


Improves reimbursement through identification, intervention, documentation and coding of risk conditions

Our Revenue Cycle Management solution, RevAssurant improves reimbursements through proper identification, intervention, documentation, and coding of risk conditions and illnesses. RevAssurant identifies suspect conditions and provides access to complete health histories of patients, at the right point to help close gaps in health care delivery and to never miss a revenue opportunity

  • Insights about suspect conditions that help providers effectively plan       and manage patient care and coding of risk conditions
  • Analyze the trends in membership, risk scores and provider       performance and get insights to improve performance
  • Intuitive easy to use solution developed with feedback from 10K+       practitioners
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

“FHIR Solution” exclusively addresses the data interoperability issues.FHIR implementation is an unceasing sustainable solution in solving the complications that are extreme in interoperability.

Exafluence partnered with MongoDB intensely addresses this issue in HL7 standards with utmost flexibility regardless of the resource systems enabling without any need for multiple data conversions and resulting in the best performance analysis. FHIR adaption is pretty simple, concise, flexible and very economical supporting seamless exchange of healthcare information establishing harmonious collaboration amongst the Providers and Payers.

Exafluence FHIR solution offers a generic FHIR server and API along with data migration tools with Spark for batch processing and Kafka for stream processing.These migration tools would let clients Read More...

Healthcare Analytics

Provides actionable insights that improves performance and care results through analysis of Provider, Member and Claims data

Our Analytics data warehouse platform simplifies aggregation of health care data enabling effective management and decision making through robust reporting capability.

Driven by latest technologies, our platform provides unparalleled visibility into your health care data for day to day operations as well as for generating insights.

  • Transforms health care data from its raw form into reports for       actionable insights
  • Creates reports on Claims, Membership and Providers for       identifying trends and analyzing patterns
  • Easy to access, visualize and analyze health care data from different       sources
Population Health

Create better patient outcomes at reduced costs and lesser risk through analysis of clinical, financial and operational data

Our population health management solution integrates and aggregates broad health care data to identify high risk patients and factors affecting health to improve patient health outcome and reduce costs. We collect patient-reported outcomes data, social determinants of health, behavioral data to identify where each individual are in their healthcare journey, and how to tackle healthcare challenges

  • High quality risk stratification that enables providers to identify the       optimum level of care delivery needed for different groups of       patients.
  • Integrated care coordination with improved communication and       participation from a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders
  • Highly interoperable solution that aggregates and analyzes data       from many different sources to standardize, store and report patient       data.
Provider MDM

Provides complete and accurate view of provider data for better utilization and integration of providers

Our Provider Master Data Management solution simplifies management and maintenance of accurate Provider data and credentialing.

Our solution employs advanced technology tools for automating validation of provider information and helps to maintain an up-to-date provider registry fully compliant with CMS audits

  • Extract data from disparate sources and provide a golden copy of       data eliminating inconsistencies
  • NPI change alerts to maintain accurate provider information and       Geocoding for address verification
  • Compliant with emerging privacy laws and regulations like HIPAA


Exafluence’s Healthcare 360, Provider Registry and EMPI records are built using MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Spark and MongoDB Stitch.

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We provide consultancy and expertise with blockchain/distributed ledger adoption and product development across the healthcare

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Why Exafluence ?

We created our offerings with deeper understanding of healthcare industry’s complex problems leveraging advanced technological tools with inputs from industry experts to transform huge amount of healthcare data into actionable insights that help your organization achieve your goals

Better Experience

Our solutions have been built with feedbacks from 10K+ practitioners which makes it intuitive and easy to use

Advanced Technology

Our solutions have been created by leveraging advanced technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain etc

Expert Team

Our Solutions have been developed by our teams of experts with 20+ years experience in the managed care arena to address the pain points

Our Team

Ravikiran Dharmavaram


Mital Panara

(Chairman Exf Digital)

Christopher J. O’Connor

(CEO, Exf Digital)

Dr. Mihale

(Medical Advisor, Exf Digital)

James D. Gray

(CTO, Exf Digital)

Jacob D. Gray

(Manager, Exf Digital)


Why Are Analytics COEs So Important For Managing Data Initiatives These Days

Posted By : Pallav Mishra, Principal Consultant It is an accomplished fact today. Data analysis and preparation is as important – if not more – as building sophisticated models. It is also understood that the customer is spoilt for choice today – far more than ever. While Customer Centricity seems to be the byword for every major Digital Transformation initiative, there is little realization that organizations today have a very fragmented technology landscape – in most scenarios, a spanking new, state-of-the-art Big Data implementation could be sitting with myriad other data hubs and solutions it was expected to replace

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Want to improve revenues, increase risk scores and close care gaps with the help of right technology? Download RevAssurant fact sheet to know how we help health plans achieve these goals.


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